The Art of Felix Berroa AND FRIENDS

"Childhood - Fertility - Maternity -Sensuality - Music and Dance - Spirituality - Cultural Chocks - Journey and Adventures of Human Lives in Countryside and Cities.

I open doors to magic, interpretation, subjectivity, diversity and human sentimental needs, without reaching the extremes of reality or abstraction."

Felix Berroa, Bay Shore, New York, 1998.

"Infancia - Fertilidad - Sensualidad - Musica y Danza - Espiritualidad - Choques Culturales - Viajes y Aventuras de Vidas Humanas en Campos y Ciudades.

Abro puertas a la magia, la interpretación, la sensualidad, la diversidad y la necesidad sentimental humana, sin llegar a los extremos de la realidad o la abstraccion."

Felix Berroa, Bay Shore, New York, 1998.

"Liberación Interna". Ink and acrylic on paper, 18 x 24 inches (mat size: 24 x 30 inches), 2020. Price: $600.00 plus shipping. (Send me an email to buy it. This artwork is no registered yet in the purchasing system of this website).

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